After publishing her first non-fiction book in 2015, Tuscany Bernier went on to write for several publications such as The Tempest, SeekersGuidance, and more. From fashion to tech to religious topics, she has proven to be a writer who can truly talk about anything. Now she mainly focuses on her personal blog, but is open for writing for new publications every week.

Spiritual Counselor

The well-being of our soul is extremely important and Tuscany is always taking questions and offering her best advice for people all over the globe. In her words, she says she would rather be a bridge for somebody needing help rather than the end point of their spiritual journey. Keep in touch for solutions that potentially fit your lifestyle!


From speaking at women’s leadership conferences at Purdue University to leading small group discussions in mosques across America, Tuscany has talked about many topics. Whether she is addressing our Muslim youth to discuss the dangers of gossipping or creating presentations on how to enter creative writing as a profession, she can be versatile.