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What Is A Tuscany, Anyway?

What Is A Tuscany, Anyway?

When it comes to labels, I simultaneously like them and dislike them. How are they limiting and tiring at times, but on the other hand, mere descriptors of my physical and mental limits? I have to think about why I like or dislike calling myself something and why.

I don't like to discuss my age very often, but I don't mind talking about where I'm from. I'm a Hoosier!

Sometimes I do activism, but don't like to be called an activist.

I like being an author, but sometimes struggle to write. How many months can pass before I am no longer an author? No longer a writer? How often must I write something to be considered legitimate enough for the title?

I suppose I am a cat lady.

Frustrated by labels like conservative and liberal, so I figured it would make more sense to be called Muslim. Can I reclaim the words spiritual and religious for myself? I will never stop knocking at the door of God, no matter how far I stray.

I call myself a feminist, but I often fear the baggage is carried by calling myself the dreaded f-word. Those who think of themselves as authorities who will use my descriptors to bypass the responsibility to ask me what they mean to me and these words will be violently ripped from my hands and given back to me in some Frankenstein cloud of letters, misunderstood and misused.

I want to be known as somebody who practices forgiveness and compassion but not known as a pushover. Fiercely soft in a world that demands rigidity and harshness. Devoted to upholding truth, wherever it may be - that is what a Tuscany should be.

Sometimes I feel like my biggest motivator, my biggest enemy, and my biggest set-back is...me. I limit myself more than I should. The mind holds universes of understanding and yet I fear my fullest self? Why do I fear my own unknowns? Is it because I already know the worst parts of myself? I'm completely unsure.

Who is Tuscany, anyway?

Pray for her, please.

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